COVID-19 impact on production

COVID-19 impact on production

Last year when we were evaluating production manufacturers, we looked at cost, quality, and customer support as primary factors. Despite their prices being above industry standards, we decided to go with Panda Game Manufacturing because they are worth it. They have a superb reputation, quality game production as evidenced by some of our favorite games, and the availability of a local project manager.

Like nearly all board game manufacturers, Panda's factory is in China, in the port city of Shenzhen near Hong Kong. We knew that they would be shutting down for the two weeks of Chinese New Year celebrations, along with the rest of the board game manufacturing industry.

Then the COVID-19 virus struck the city of Wuhan and began spreading. While Shenzhen is nowhere near Wuhan, Panda made the responsible decision to keep its workers away from the factory for an extra three to four weeks while they monitored the outbreak and put precautions in place to ensure the safety of their employees.

As of today, some of the workers have returned to the factory, and the rest will hopefully return soon.

The virus has caused a delay in our production schedule. We want to be as transparent as possible on the schedule and know you're just as excited as we are to ship Bruise Cruise to you. As of now, we estimate mid-summer (vs. late spring/early summer) to start shipping, and we will continue to provide updates as we receive them.

As a gesture of appreciation of your support and understanding, we're offering free shipping if you pre-order Bruise Cruise: limited-run first edition.