(Infrequently asked questions)


How many players can play? 

Between 2 and 4 players.

How long does it take to play? 

The first game might take a little longer, but generally 2 players is about 45 minutes and 3-4 players is 60-75 minutes. 


Can I fire torpedoes and missiles at my own cruise line’s ships?

Why would you want to do that? Just to get points? The answer is no.

Which spaces are “in” the Bermuda “Triangle”?

There is a solid line that is darker than the surrounding ocean in the region labeled Bermuda “Triangle.” If this line passes through a space, or the space is entirely dark, the space is considered to be in the Bermuda “Triangle.”

Okay, but doesn’t the real Bermuda “Triangle” actually extend all the way to Bermuda, Puerto Rico, and Miami?

The Bermuda “Triangle” is not a real thing, so we’ll put it wherever we want. (Hence the quotation marks. Bermuda is a real place. “Triangles” are not real.)

Suppose I have an Action card with an engine rating of 7. Can I break this up, sailing one ship 4 spaces and another one 3 spaces?

No. You must sail up to 7 spaces using a single ship.

Can I fire a missile or torpedo “through” a ship’s space to reach another ship?

Yes! The missile sails over and torpedo under the ship you do not wish to attack.

Can a missile or torpedo travel “through” a Home Port space to reach another ship?

Yes again. Similar rules apply.

After one of my ships claims a port, can I still sail that ship around and claim other ports?

Ding! Ding! Ding! Yes! And one way to approach navigating around the Caribbean with fewer opportunities to get attacked. 


What about a missile or torpedo that can travel “through” time?

We welcome Bruise Cruise fan fiction. Submit it to ahoy@bruisecruisegame.com with the subject line I think I might need help because I just wrote some Bruise Cruise fan fiction instead of looking for a job.

We cannot help you.

Can one (or more) Admiral(s) blockade another Admiral’s Home Port with ships?

They can, but it’s probably not a winning strategy. The Admiral employing this strategy is wasting ships that could be out doing useful things, and the ships remain open to attack via torpedo.

Can a ship sail on a “partial” space around the border of the board?

No. That is the Ethereal Void. Don’t even joke about that.

Can I examine the pile of discarded cards?

You may examine the top card. For every card beneath it, you’ll need to rely on your memory.

Can I battle for a port if I have already claimed the maximum of 12 ports?

You may engage in battle. If you win, the prior claimant of the port loses it, but you do not gain it. Why are you so greedy?

Suppose I claim a port in the Eastern region and immediately lose that port in battle with a competing Admiral. Can I still commission my Eastern ship?

Yes. Once you claim a port in a region, you can commission the corresponding ship no matter what happens. You can never lose a ship once it is in your fleet. However, you will not be able to decommission any ships unless you claim another port in the Eastern region (in addition to the other four Regions).

Hamilton (in Bermuda) is not that far south.

That is not a question, but we’ll answer it anyway. The Bruise Cruise map is not intended to be used for geography lessons, as we were required to take some liberties with the placement of certain ports and the shape of certain coastlines.

Bermuda is obviously not on the same latitude as Florida, as depicted on the map. It is actually part of Greenland!


What is a lido deck?

This deck exists on every large cruise ship. It has one or more swimming pools and typically at least one shuffleboard court.

What exactly happened during The Unfathomable Events of 2037?  

We can’t believe you already forgot. 

How do I reach Caldera?  

Wait for Bruise Cruise: Pacific Ring of Fire! 


What if I have more questions?

Throw us a line and we'll get back to you.