How to play

You win Bruise Cruise by having the most points at the end of the game. Points are scored through four different actions: claiming ports, firing torpedoes, firing missiles, and decommissioning ships.

Game Components

Action cards

Game Components

Unfathomable cards

Game Components

Everything else

Home Port markers, ships, flags, missiles, torpedoes, dice, score card, and of course a board.

Set up


There are 13 possible actions in the game. Admirals take any two of the following actions each turn:




Claim a port






Do other stuff

Card replenishment

Following your two actions, you may select up to two cards from the top of the deck. You may hold a maximum of seven cards in your hand.

After the final card in the deck has been selected, Admirals must play at least one card during each turn.

Card shuffling (3- or 4-Admiral game)

If playing a 2-Admiral game, when the final card has been played, the game ends.

In a 3- or 4-Admiral game, shuffle the discarded deck when there are no cards remaining to be selected.

End game

The game ends in one of two ways:

• An Admiral plants their cruise line’s flag in all five regions and decommissions all six ships.

• All cards have been played in a 2-Admiral game, or have been played twice in a 3- or 4-Admiral game.

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