How to play

The year is 2042. Due to The Unfathomable Events of 2037, madness reigns across the cruise industry. The four remaining cruise lines now pursue market share through warfare. As a result, cruises are more popular than ever, because everyone is nuts (due to The Unfathomable Events of 2037)…

Set up


There are 13 possible actions in the game. Admirals take any two of the following actions each turn:


1) Sail any ship one space (the most boring move).

2) Play an Action card to sail the number of spaces depicted on the card’s engine rating.

Claim a port

3) Claim a port by sailing into it and playing the corresponding Action card (1 point).


4) Exchange life preservers for weapons. Missiles cost one life preserver; torpedoes cost two.

5) Play Action cards in exchange for life preservers and weapons.


6) Fire a torpedo from a ship at another ship that is within three sailing spaces (1 point).

7) Fire a missile from a port at a ship that is within three sailing spaces by playing the port's Action card (1 point).

8) Raid a ship that's adjacent to your ship: it’s your passengers vs. their passengers in a chaotic brawl. 

9) Battle for a port that a rival cruise line has already claimed.

Manage your fleet

10) Commission a new ship in your Home Port.

11) Decommission a ship in your Home Port (1 point).

Do other stuff

12) Do the unfathomable by playing an Unfathomable card.

13) Remove an anchor from one of your ships.


Do even more