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Madness reigns across the cruise industry in 2042. As Admiral of a cruise line, you must defeat your opponents by claiming ports and wreaking havoc through warfare.


The year is 2042. Due to The Unfathomable Events of 2037, madness reigns across the cruise industry. The four remaining cruise lines now pursue market share through warfare. As a result, cruises are more popular than ever, because everyone is nuts (due to The Unfathomable Events of 2037) Read more...

Not your
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cute flags!

Bruise Cruise
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Better than Risk!

Suzie L.

Fun strategy game

Henry H.

Unconventional and hilarious!

Hollie C.
Fact #79: Tortola claims to be a Virgin Island Women's T-shirt Bruise Cruise Navy: Barnacle Fact #6: New Orleans Skulls Unisex Premium T-Shirt Fact #79: Tortola claims to be a Virgin Island Glossy Mug Fact #15: Tampa Humid Unisex Premium T-Shirt

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