The game where cruise ships totally fight each other

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How to play

The "cruise" part: sail your fleet of cruise ships around the Caribbean, dock at various tourist traps, and return to your home port.

The "bruise" part: rival cruise lines are out to destroy your fleet via missiles, torpedoes, and maniacal passengers that love to brawl. Strike first!


The dumbest origin story

In March of 2019, I was among roughly 2,000 passengers aboard the JoCo Cruise, which sailed from Fort Lauderdale. Early one morning, we pulled into the port of Tortola, largest of the British Virgin Islands...

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Just the "facts"

We all know Bruise Cruise is the game where cruise ships totally fight each other, but did you know it's also packed with semi-true Caribbean trivia? You can proudly show your love of Bruise Cruise "facts" by shopping our "facts" collection.


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