Production update: Mass Production Copy approved

Production update: Mass Production Copy approved

We are pleased to announce that another major milestone has been passed. Last week we approved the Mass Production Copy (MPC) of Bruise Cruise, a copy of the game that is nearly indistinguishable from the final product. We are very pleased with Panda Games' attention to detail in cardboard and paper printing and their precision manufacturing and painting of wooden pieces. Everything looks great!

Approving the MPC triggers the assembly of the games. This means that all 1,500 Limited Edition First Run copies of Bruise Cruise now exist! 

Following final assembly, the games will be shrinkwrapped, placed in cartons, labeled, arranged on shipping pallets, and admired. They will then prepare themselves in the Panda warehouse in Shenzhen, China for a long voyage.

The next step on our end is to get them into a cargo container and on a ship bound for the US. Given the precautionary and complicated nature of shipping in the COVID-19 era, this will take longer than expected, but we can't say for certain how long. But hey, we're making progress!

As always, we will continue to update you on that progress. We appreciate your patience as the COVID-19 virus has slowed down everything and thrown more wrenches at us than we anticipated. (We anticipated zero wrenches being thrown at us.) Stay tuned...