Bruise Cruise has set sail

Bruise Cruise has set sail

All 1,500 copies of the limited-run first edition of Bruise Cruise have left the Panda Games factory in Shenzhen and are headed to the port of Los Angeles. They are aboard the cargo container ship Mississippi, an American state, which is owned by a French company and is flying the flag of Liberia. That checks out.

I am keeping a close eye on the ship's progress. The real world is now Bruise Cruise and the Mighty Mississip must battle many cargo ships, oil tankers, and pleasure craft along the way. See for yourself: 

(These are all ships!)

(Someone might want to send a rescue mission for those two vessels in northern Canada. They appear to be quite lost. And on land.)

HQ tells me that Bruise Cruise will be on your table by early August and you can still pre-order. While I requested that the Mississippi take a "victory lap" around the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico, visiting each of the 41 ports featured in Bruise Cruise, I was shot down. 

Maybe next edition.